GREEN ENERGY PARK has officially inaugurated

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI God Assist Him, has officially launched on Thursday 12th, the international tests, research and training platform Green Energy Park located in the green town of BenGuerir (50 km north of Marrakech), a first of it’s kind in Africa that will mutualize resources, create synergies and position Morocco as a leader in innovation in the field of renewable energies.

Total investment in this project amounted to more than 210 million DH. This pilot project involves developing scientific research, optimizing the exploitation of Morocco’s natural resources, preserving its environment, sustaining its economic and social development, and ensuring better future for next generations.

This platform, developed by the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) with the support of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment and the OCP Group is conducting research on priority topics. Research covers all steps in the chain: R & D, Basic components to complex systems in order to meet national and African needs

Indeed, topics such as the treatment and desalination of water using solar energy, the development of desert modules, the design of innovative thermal and electrical storage solutions and the development of industrial applications of solar thermal are at the heart of Green Energy Park’s concerns.

Built on an 8-hectare site, the Green Energy Park has an internal research platform of more than 3,000 square meters that integrates several laboratories within solar photovoltaic and solar thermal areas.

It also includes a laboratory for the production of photovoltaic thin film and surface treatment cells, a laboratory for the electrical characterization and optical of photovoltaic cells, an internal laboratory for the production and testing of solar components, a laboratory for the study of solar cells degradation Materials, a laboratory for surface characterization, a laboratory for deflectometry and optical modeling of CSP structures, and a center for calculating and modeling resources.

The Green Energy Park also includes an outdoor research platform consisting of several test and characterization areas, including real-scale pilot projects covering a total area of ​​6.5 ha. This platform is a space for innovation and entrepreneurship that is attractive to both academic and socioeconomic worlds.

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