Solar Photovoltaic

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Marotest : First platform in Africa to test and characterize photovoltaic modules (in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute)

PV Roadways : Comparisons between different photovoltaic systems and technologies (c-Si, a-Si / μ-Si, CIGS, CdTe, DSSC, CPV)

STEEP : Decision support model for the evaluation of photovoltaic technologies (Social, Technical, Economic, Environmental, Policy)


thin film depositing : Development of photovoltaic cells based on thin-film technology

Desert Modules : Development of photovoltaic modules new generations adapted to arid and semi-arid climatic conditions


Development of certification standard for photovoltaic modules in arid and semi-arid regions.

MaroCertiV : Implementation of a Moroccan label for photovoltaic modules.


Resource Modeling

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Realization of an onshore and offshore wind mapping method with high spatial and temporal resolution (2.5km)

Development of calibration methods for high-resolution Moroccan solar cartography (1km)

Establishment of a program for the calculation of synthetic meteorological year, an essential characteristic for projects bankability


Development of a decision support tool based on a geographic information system

Real-time Ultraviolet Radiation Map Service

Development of a meteorological model for real-time forecasting


Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for solar and wind projects

Sizing and optimization of solar power plants and wind farms

Potential Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessments


Solar Thermal

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Integration of solar thermal systems with concentration in industrial processes :
• Heat production,
• High pressure steam,
• Solar industrial refrigerators

Development of multi-purpose solutions for residential and small-scale industry :
• Solar air conditioning / heating solutions for residential complexes,
• Solar micro cogeneration system solution / biomass for the production of electricity and heat.


Socio-environmental optimization :
• Water savings for solar field cleaning through robotic cleaning,
• Development and testing of CSP air condensers with low water consumption,
• Valorization of local materials and solid industrial waste materials for storage.

Technical and economic optimization :
• Development of more efficient storage systems,
• Implementation of management strategies allowing a better economic profitability,
• Development of prediction models for CSP plants with storage.


Infrastructure for characterization of mirrors and reflective surfaces :
• Study of dust deposits in sunny areas,
• Study of mirrors degradation by natural conditions

test infrastructure for structures and collectors CSP cylindro-parabolic :
• 3D photogrammetry system for metal structures testing,
• Deflectometry system for curvature testing of cylindro-parabolic mirrors.