IRESEN and PI Berlin collaboration in the field of PV

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Badr IKKEN, CEO of the Solar Energy Research Institute and new energies and Paul Grunow, co-founder and administrator of PI Berlin, had signed on November16th, 2016, aside COP22, a partnership agreement to consolidate Morocco expertise in engineering and consulting for the design and dimensioning of photovoltaic projects.

The international photovoltaic market is developing at a rapid pace. 50.1 GW (gigawatts) of solar photovoltaic power was installed globally in 2015, compared with 40.2 in 2014, which means a market growth of 25%. The EPIA Agency announced that the installed capacity in 2015 was 228 GW. At the same time, the photovoltaic industry was considerably consolidated at the international level and overcapacity production led to a strong decline in prices.

Operators, developers, EPCs, finance experts as well as producers and installers are obliged to guarantee not only the best performances but also competitive costs. PI Berlin decided to join forces with IRESEN in order to develop the expertise and the support of different players in the design and implementation of their projects in Morocco and Africa. The partnership will be mainly in the field of evaluation, verification, testing and assistance on all phases of solar photovoltaic projects, from the conceptual phase to the implementation.

This partnership will also contribute to skills transfer, both at a regional and African level, in the area of ​​services related to the installations cycle and photovoltaic projects.

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