First Moroccan Solar Refrigerator tricycle

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A University-Business consortium has developed and realized a solution for refrigeration, storage and transportation with zero CO2 emissions. A project funded by the research institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN).

As a result of the program InnoPV2013 , the project “solar refrigeration tricycle has been funded and selected by IRESEN with an amount of 2.8 million dirhams. A project supported by Ben Msik Faculty of Science and Hassan II University of Casablanca and Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, in partnership with a young innovative Moroccan company.

This project was finalized by end of 2016 and known as the first Moroccan refrigerator 100% powered by solar energy due to the integrated flexible photovoltaic modules

The other innovative idea used in this project is the palm wood, a local abundant material used as an isolator for solar refrigerator. Indeed, the renewable parts of the Moroccan palms have shown thermo-physical insulation properties and could be used to manufacture insulating separations the refrigerator. As an alternative to the existing system, this solution is itself an economic and social development vector.

This solar refrigeration tricycle offers significant economic advantages in terms of acquisition and operation, while respecting the environment. At COP22 held last November in Marrakech, the prototype of the “Frigo Roulant Solaire” was presented and drived the interest of researchers, industrialists as well as mass public. The next step will be to prepare models for the valorization and industrialization of the tricycle.

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